Harlequins will be entering into the last and final game of the Heineken cup pool game and will be putting in their best effort to make sure they emerge victorious and make it to the quarter final stage of the Heineken cup.

They have brought about one crucial change to the position of the players hoping that this might help them to perform better than that of their last game which ended in a victory against Gloucester.

Harlequins are quite contented with their performance and hoping to continue the winning streak and finally make it to the quarter final league.

Sam Smith has been introduced to play at the starting lineup which has been initiated in the left wing. Monye on the other hand has been moving on to the right wiong position and Tom Williams has decided to take an off from the current matches as he wants to be with his wife who is expecting the birth of their baby.

Both, Joe Marler and Chris booker have been brought to the front alongside and will be playing alongside James Johnston and this hopes to be quite a promising position for an excellent game play.

There will be no changes brought to be the back row and will consist of the same old Chris Rob Shaw, Nick Easter and Maurie Fa’asavalu. With these changes at hand, Harlequins will keep up the same spirit of the game they have put on in the last match against Gloucester.

They will make sure that all their shots are perfectly times and all the players remained focused at all times trying to understand the weak areas of their opponents and make the most out of it by attacking their opponent’s weak areas. Lets hope to see whether they do manage to win it.