Harlequins Sees A Good Team Performance This Season

Did you witness the game where Harlequins gained 24 points against Exeter who scored about 62?

It was definitely a great win for the latter. On the other hand, the Harlequins are trying to polish up their act after that. They have been a strong team and hence contenders definitely put in much effort in putting them down.

In the European Champions Cup scheduled for next season the Harlequins are yet to acquire a position. They finished seventh and that does not guarantee them a place yet. It remains to be seen how they perform in the match against Montpellier. This match is set to take place during the upcoming weekend and would take place in Lyon. If they are able to beat their opponent they might have a chance to win a place for themselves in the elite tournament for the next season.

The pack of men who played this season was outstanding and they put in a lot of hard work. Players like Harry Williams, Alec Hepburn, Mitch Lees and Dave Ewers stand out among the different players of the team who put in a lot of work. Jack Nowell may well be considered the man of the match for this team this season.

He played well in an all round role, even though he had a hamstring injury. Henry Slade also played well and added wonderful touches in different games. His performance did not go unnoticed by Eddie Jones, who heads the England team as coach. The director of the team was understandably satisfied with the team’s performance this season. This definitely was a satisfying season for the team, though more is expected out of them in the consecutive season. It is more important that the team keeps up its consistent performance levels and is able to enhance their skills by next season.