Northampton Defeats Harlequins by 17-13

With 13 points the lead was extended by Northampton which was fought hard and they are in the top over Harlequins.

Nick Evans gave two penalties by which Samu Manoa’s attempt was stuck in between. Lead by 7-6 by Saints was edgy. It was indiscipline on Quin’s part by which James Wilson could capitalise on.

The lead by the champions was extended. Victory was sealed by Tom Wood even though it was Marland Yarde that answered with the ending of the game. It was not something great from the Saints as they have reached the point mark of 60. In the Premiership three consecutive defeats from Conor O’Shea does not make it look spectacular.

At half time Evans had two penalties which came from the side of Manoa’s attempt that was scored by command. It was Tom Stephenson by which Wilson had to look at the full-back released for crossing the overlap. Quins with their 14 men had to succumb in the end. At the opportune time Wood claimed his stake with the final game of England trio, coming out of injury but with a bang.

Jim Mallinder, the director of Northampton Saints proclaimed that it was difficult for them due to Quins and the opponents did play well by maintaining the line and their team could not capitalise on the various phases of the game. It was testing time for their mauls with exquisite defense. In the beginning it was an excellent lead but could not retain the position but was happy with the lead.

The director of Harlequins Conor O’ Shea pointed out that they take each game at a time without concern about the results and their mission is to struggle till they are out. It is a testing period for them and need luck on their side. They are benefitting a lot from the matches.