Abu Dhabi Harlequins coach, Mike McFarlane has said that he is confident that his club can go on to inscribe their name for the third successive year, on the Gulf Men’s League trophy this weekend.

What he is not sure of however, is whether it would bear Harlequins 1 or Quins 2. Very few teams have been as dominant as Harlequins at the Sevens in recent times as the club from the capital.

In their 12 matches so far, they have remained unbeaten, since their loss in the 2013 final to Jebel Ali Dragons.
Over that period, the team has racked up a combined tally of over 436 points for, with 31 against, which means in each match, they have come off with an average of about 36 points.

That doesn’t mean they have to slacken their game as McFarlane is aware that the chasing pack behind has strengthened. He believes that most of the challenge they would face will come from teams such as Jebel Ali Dragons, Doha and Dubai Exiles.

However, McFarlane is also of the notion that his side still remains as strong as they have been or even stronger.

“Selection has been near on impossible, especially coming out of such a strong XVs season,”

“That has been a good chance to look at their attributes, but it is only when you get onto an emptier pitch that you can look at their speed.

“We have two equally strong sides, which potentially could go on and win it. We have Quins 1 and Quins 2, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Quins 2 went on to make the final.”

At Dubai Sports City last month, the two sides had met in the semifinal of the Eden Park Sevens tournament, which saw the first go on into the finals to beat Dubai Exiles.